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Calgary SEO Services

If you are looking for Calgary SEO services then you landed on the right page , we are a professional SEO company in Calgary , Alberta Canada!

How to choose the right SEO agency in Calgary , Alberta?

Choosing a new provider is a delicate step. To select the Calgary SEO agency that will optimize the visibility of your website, there are a few points to check: its positioning on Google, its reputation in the world of SEO, its references, the quality of its SEO audit, etc. Find out more about our tips for choosing your Calgary SEO agency.

How can an SEO benefit improve the visibility of my site?

If you have never used a referencer to optimize your site, it has many “imperfections” that hinder its visibility in search engines. It is not “SEO friendly”. An SEO service will improve the quality of your site and conform to the official guidelines of Google. For this, an in-depth work is carried out on the technical part, on the content (web drafting, internal mesh) and on the netlinking of your site. See how an SEO benefit enhances the visibility of a site.

How much does an SEO benefit cost?

The price of an SEO service can vary from one web agency to another. Why ? We must already make the difference between the agencies established in France that will provide a quality service and the cheaper agencies that will relocate your service. Then the cost will vary depending in particular on the cost / day of a SEO project manager, the size of your site, its nature and your sector of activity. Read our article explaining how is calculated the tariff of an SEO benefit.

How to measure ROI with SEO?

The calculation of return on investment is relatively simple with the SEO. The goal is to improve your traffic from search engines and bring qualified leads to your website. Increase your traffic and your conversion rate increases your sales and therefore your C.A. Browse our help to calculate your return on investment with SEO.

How long before the first results of an SEO benefit?

The time frame for observing the initial results of optimizing your site on Google is highly variable. This can range from a few weeks to several months. There is no shortcut because the variables that cause this delay are directly related to Google’s own functioning, your site profile and your industry. For more details, see our article on delay before SEO optimizations for a site are reflected on Google.

Can you guarantee my positioning?

Warning, never a referrer will guarantee you a position in the natural results of Google. A gain in visibility can be advanced, it is the goal of natural referencing, but a precise position or percentage of increase can never be anticipated. Also flee agencies that offer you services for a defined number of keywords, SEO does not work like this. Find out everything you need to know about positioning a site in Google.

What is the long tail and why is it important?

The long tail is a technical term that refers to the long and precise requests sought by Internet users. These queries, because of their specificities, have a low volume of search but have the advantage of being very numerous and bringing qualified traffic to a site. Cumulative, these queries represent the best source of traffic for a website. See the full explanation on the definition of long tail and its importance in natural referencing.

Is it worth investing in sponsored links (Adwords) in addition to SEO?

Yes, it is a common strategy. Natural referencing and sponsored links are two complementary techniques that maximize the visibility of a site on the Google search engine. Where SEO has an effect and a long-term ROI, the SEA (Adwords) has a much more immediate effect and a courantmian ROI. Find our article on the benefits of combining an Adwords campaign with a natural SEO strategy.

How do I monitor the results of your SEO benefit?

We make it a point to communicate seamlessly with all our clients and provide SEO advice. To do this we carry out regular reporting: every two weeks you automatically receive a positioning report and punctually you attend project points with your SEO consultant. We also provide you with external analysis tools to monitor the progress of your site. Discover our detailed reporting method to control our SEO service.